President Trump Releases Details on Infrastructure Plan

President Trump released his 53-page infrastructure plan that outlines his vision for generating $1.5 trillion for infrastructure over the next 10 years. The plan depends on funding from multiple sources, including state and local governments and private investment. Federal spending over this period totals $200 billion, while the remainder would come from state/local at a 4:1 ratio. The breakdown of the $200 billion is as follows:

  • $100B – Incentives to local government entities to give non-federal funds (to reach the $1.5T Trump promised on the campaign trail)
  • $20B – Set aside to advance “major infrastructure projects”
  • $50B – Earmarked for rural block grants, which will be given to states based on the amount of rural area and population
  • $20B – ‘Infrastructure related undertakings’
  • $10B – Federal Capital Financing Fund

View the President’s full plan here.

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