About WIPP

WIPP logo final copyFounded in 2001, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) is a nonprofit organization recognized as a national, nonpartisan voice for women entrepreneurs.  WIPP advocates on behalf of its coalition of 4.7 million businesswomen, which includes over 78 business organizations.

WIPP works to increase the economic power and public policy clout of women business owners by providing business education focused on growth strategies, leadership opportunities for business and personal advancement, and a seat at the table among policymakers in Washington, D.C.

As women continue to be a strong economic force in the United States and increasingly in the world, WIPP provides a collaborative model for the public and private sectors to work together to empower women through business ownership.


Thirteen years after WIPP was founded, we continue to inform policymakers about the solutions needed by women entrepreneurs nationwide. But more than just communication, WIPP is leveraging its relationships, reputation, and membership to affect positive change.

WIPP continues to have strong presence at the White House, within Federal Agencies, and with lawmakers in Congress.  In each meeting and interaction, WIPP delivers the concerns and amongst recommendations of women business owners from a diverse array of industries.

Take a look at our 2014 Legislative & Regulatory Successes.

For more information about WIPP, please visit our website at www.WIPP.org.  If you are a women business owner and would like to become part of the WIPP community, click here for WIPP membership options.

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