Millennials in the Workplace – What Are Your Thoughts?

Millennials are the largest workforce group since they surpassed Generation X this year and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics preMillennialsdicts they will make up 75% of employees by 2030. Therefore it is no surprise that many reports and articles have been dedicated to the topic of how to get along with and manage this generation at work.

From hiring practices to benefit packages and work-life balance, expectations of this generation are widely different to the ones of Baby Boomers or Generation X.

Towan Isom is a President and CEO of Isom Global Strategies where millennials make up more than 50% of all employees in her company. Since she started the company 15 years ago in her basement, she has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge working with different generations of workers. She shares her insights and often speaks on how to be successful with this intergenerational workforce and on managing millennial employees.

In the end of September, Towan will speak at a conference on Millennials in the workplace, and she offers a unique opportunity to make your insights to be heard. By responding to the quick survey your professional opinion on working with millennials will be shared with her audience and presented in a case study afterwards. The conference will be also recorded and available on Isom Global Strategies website few weeks after the event.

Towan will also share outcomes and her professional views with us here in a guest blog after the conference.

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