Who Decides 2016? Women Do. Really.


By Nell Merlino, Chairwoman of the Personal BlackBox Trust

You may find it surprising that women have cast the deciding votes in presidential elections for nearly four decades. What may not be surprising is that female voices rarely dominate the discussions leading up to Election Day. Women are not always given their fair share-of-voice to shape the issues that matter most to us, like equal pay, greater access to business capital, health care, and so on. Issues that secure our financial and family futures.

Twenty years ago, I invited millions of you to Take Our Daughters to Work Day in order to provide girls insight and inspiration about work opportunities. This annual event has become an important part of American history and has made girls more visible, more valued and importantly more heard. But we still need to do more.

This year, I am inviting you to help shape our future with WE Decide 2016, an online campaign to amplify our voices to get what women want and deserve in the 2016 election and beyond. I urge you to sign up at WEDecide2016.org to begin participating in this monumental movement towards greater equality.

When you join WE Decide 2016, you receive a Personal Polling Station that will enable you to:

• Participate throughout the election process with your peers
• Take quick polls and surveys on topics that impact your life and business
• Invite your female employees, vendors, family members and customers to participate
• Continually help shape key issues and how candidates respond to our collective demands during debates and town halls.

Tech Crunch reports: “The majority of candidates reserve the right to sell or trade personal data to unaffiliated third parties…Voter data is the new currency, and candidates are reaping the rewards.”

I believe that it is critical for people to voice their opinions and engage freely in political discussions without exposing themselves to being identified, analyzed and targeted without consent or knowledge. Unlike other polling sites or campaign web sites, the information you share with WE Decide 2016 will never be sold to anyone without permission or benefit to you.

Personal BlackBox Trust, the organization that created WE Decide 2016 in partnership with Women Impacting Public Policy, secures your opinions and data in a personal trust account. The platform allows you to track and view how you have responded to polls and surveys throughout the entire election year–empowering you with valuable data and insights on what you and other women find most important in the 2016 election. With privacy protected polling data, WE Decide 2016 will take our collective wants, needs and opinions directly to the candidates.

Candidates are asking you for money. We are asking you for your opinions.

Girls today need to see us go this next mile and step into our full economic power by participating more fully in the election process. Doing so creates greater possibilities of gaining access to money in order to build more female-owned businesses creating an even playing field in the business world and beyond. Because WE Decide 2016…Really.


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