House Committee Talks Taxes For Small Businesses

BY: Jake Clabaugh, WIPP Government Relations


If, like most small business owners, you have concerns about year-end tax planning, Congress may have a Holiday present for your business’ bottom line.


An agreement to reauthorize tax rules, known as “extenders,” could come before Congress adjourns for their Holiday recess. Extenders are temporary tax rules and require Congress to authorize their renewal. Extension of these provisions, although temporary, could save your business from significant tax liability.


For small businesses, these changes can have a tremendous impact. The House Small Business Committee held a hearing, “Employers of Choice: How the Tax Extender Debate Will Affect Small Business” on December 3 to discuss how the year-to-year renewal process impacts small firms. The hearing allowed members of the small business community to explain the importance of these tax rules and how uncertainty can negatively affect investments by small businesses.


Did your small business invest in any equipment this year? Then one tax extender that is important for your business is often referred to by its place in the tax code, Section 179, or simply as “Small Business Expensing.” This rule allows businesses to deduct the full cost of equipment purchased during the tax year, subject to certain conditions, instead of writing off portions of the purchased equipment over several years. If this provision is not extended, small businesses that made significant investments in equipment could face higher tax liability.


Last year, Congress agreed to reauthorize certain tax extenders for the 2014 tax year. For the 2015 tax year, negotiators in the House and Senate are still determining what tax rules to extend and for how long. A similar bargain is expected this year, but it is still unclear what provisions will be included.


For more information, please see WIPP’s advocacy efforts on the Economy and Tax.

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